fastest way to a girls heart? copious amounts of dangerous and possibly illegal surgical equipment.

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are there any laws pertaining to the moon


Anonymous sent: Oh, I missed it! Would you be able to reblog the Michael/Lindsay post that Lindsay reblogged please?

It’s the first thing in my art tag UvU

ladyinternet sent: You got me into the hybrid au, you fuck <3


when your bestie starts shipping something you don’t like



Pastel Bat Tee



Art by Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor

Anonymous sent: whenever i think of ray i cant help but put bunny ears on him, I BLAME YOU AIB

I’d say i’m sorry but I’m really not


reganos sent: How adorable would it be if feline hybrids (Mainly cats and lions) would rub there heads against people they love.

yus! I guess this has a sort of small relation to that Jones squared picture actually. Seeing as he’s a cat doin’ the face nudgy kisses. But yea I really love the idea that hybrids actually have this sort of mix scent that’s like half personal human scent and half is whatever animal they are. So just affectionate scent marking as far as rubbing and nudging goes can be a thing.

But it’d be interesting to imagine different animal species hybrids having to deal with others scents, Like some maybe being a bit more put off by it than others. But aside from affectionate love rubbing there could be a buddy buddy type of scenting as well, like a canine hybrid just playfully nudging and tackling a friend and just doing stuff like patting them on the back or whatever gets their scent on them just so others know that they trust each other and have a really good bond or whatever <v> that’d be pretty neat. 

Anonymous sent: Do you think you may ever do a hybrid au for other youtubers you watch?



potentially! It’s always been a fun idea rolling around in my head and i’ve talked about hybrid grumps here and there. I even drew markiplier as a wolf for a commission ^v^ so I’d love to get around do doing at least a few doodles here and there. 

Obviously not in the same vein to what the anon meant, you did me and I’m a YouTuber, just not a famous one lol. So technically you’ve already started muhaha!

Very true! The cycle has already begun, now there is no chance in stopping it 

No youtuber is safe

unless I don’t watch them but we can just glaze over that bit

Anonymous sent: Did you freak when lindsay reblogged your Lindsay/Micheal post? I freaked for you

I was able to find a screenshot of my reaction actually!

here ya go


padalickingood isn’t it like 3 over there go to bed

dean-has-pie sent: HI I UM the way you draw Michael and Lindsay SLAYS me, it's too cute for me to handle I just AHHHH */)U(\*

 daw thank youuuu!! Those two are just too cute to handle in general, i’ve seriously been lacking on the Jones squared appreciation drawings and felt like I should fix that in some small way. (hopefully more to come in the future!