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Anonymous sent: Having just gone through your FAQ for the past 20mins, I can totally imagine Gavin tugging on other people's tails, then flitting off laughing and screaming whenever he gets a rise out of them.

YASS amg. I have a longstanding headcanon that Gavin really likes to mess with people cuz he’s really curious on how they would react or he just is bored or something. Like p sure we all know Gavin is a cat person, He like’s them more than dogs and has owned a couple. So I can see him testing out theories with Michael, trying to see if he acts like a cat would in certain situations and testing the waters. He’d be a total giddy mess about it i’d imagine, and of course Michael would be less than happy about it. 

But yea lot’s of Gav poking at whiskers, grabbing tails messing with horns and all that just so he can satisfy his curiosity and most of the time people on the other end just get annoyed by it lol

Anonymous sent: would lion Jack count as a lion in a hybrid!au version of the new go?

amg Geoff may have to try and stop the gang from using Jack for the list, esp after they got that crazy new Mjolnir that Ryan can’t part with. 


~Credit goes to padalickingood for the rt hybrid au~

(Also I really wanna do the Gents now)

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choclety milk shakes likes his baths

Anonymous sent: Do you have any headcanon hybrids outside of the rt staff? Like other lets players or celebrities or superheroes and fictional characters?

I don’t really have anything more than like possible animals for people outside of RT mostly because i’m too busy being sucked into rt hybrid AU

but I def let my mind wander and think about other youtubers or celebs or fictional characters even because I literally have no life image

dgcakes sent: I think the best part of that Jack-Roar picture, besides Jack himself, is just how DONE Geoff looks.

Geoff is not about your shenanigans Jack


Anonymous sent: Qq; do proper animals exist in the hybridverse? If so, how do human/animal interactions go? For example; if a mouse bro encountered a cat?

They do! And I kind of answer this in my FAQ but I guess to elaborate some more… (readmore time cuz ye…i can’t stop rambling gomen)

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Ray: I'm a big boy...I'm a big boy.
Bad guy shows up
Ray scared and running: I'M A BIG BOY! I'M THE BIGGEST BOY EVER!


Say my name as every color illuminates. 


hey you know what ship you guys should consider

Anonymous sent: Your lion!jack posts are giving me feelings goddamn it it's such a perfect persona for him

fejioajflk oh goshh oh mann ;;;;thank youuuu. I just have way too many emotions for a lion jack that’s scared of his lion-side. ugh ugh don’t look at meeee